October Meeting - SQLTips that saved my Bacon with Greg Moore

here: Tyler Technologies, Latham, NY 
When: Tuesday, October 13th, 2015, 6:30pm

Tips that saved my Bacon
In this session, I propose to share some of the tricks I've used on the operational side of being a DBA. There's saying, never perform small miracles, people to rely on them, but isn't it useful to have a few in your back-pocket. Everyone knows log-shipping is great for DR recovery, but what about using it for minor issues, like a delete or update gone bad? Want to move a large table someplace else (like that "oh it'll just be a small audit table, it won't grow large because we'll write the functionality later to keep it small" and they never do? UNC backups... an often overlooked but useful option for making a backup AND getting it off your server. Run a small operation where too many fingers have access to the operational DB and you want to catch them? These are some of the tricks I've picked up over the years and used more than once to perform small miracles and have saved my bacon or the bacon of others

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Bio: Greg Moore
Greg Moore is a graduate of RPI. There, he majored in CompSci, but probably spent as much time hiking, canoeing, caving and rock-climbing as he did studying. Since 1990, Greg founded a consulting business: Green Mountain Software and worked for startups including PowerOne Media, TownNews and Traffiq and now consults. These days, when he's not busy with playing with SQL Server or spending time with his family , he can often be found underground caving or teaching cave rescue with the NCRC

AzureCon is coming up on September 29th, a free virtual conference

September 29th, starting at Noon (EST)

AzureCon is a free, virtual, one day event where experts from Microsoft and the community will present the latest in Azure innovation and easy-to-adopt solution

Unleashed possibilities

Be the first to hear about the latest Azure innovation. Find new ways to address your IT challenges and enable scenarios only possible with the cloud.

Access to the experts

Get unfiltered access to top Azure engineers and community members. And hear the latest from Scott Guthrie, Jason Zander, Bill Staples, Mark Russinovich, Scott Hanselman, and others.

Customers take the stage

Hear from startups and enterprises who are accelerating, differentiating, and transforming their business with the cloud. See what they’re up to with Azure. And see what you can do next.

Customizable learning

Choose from more than 50 technical videos and learn about new Azure features and existing capabilities. Whether you’re just getting started or want to dive deep, we’ve got you covered.

By the numbers



Breakout sessions


Be the first to see what’s next. Attend the free, virtual event.

Hear from the experts about the latest Azure innovation and easy-to-adopt solutions. Listen as customers take the stage to share their stories. Join live Q&As and interact with the architects and engineers who are building the latest features. Choose from more than 50 technical sessions—and accelerate your journey to the cloud.

Register here

End of the Summer link roundup

We are just a couple of weeks away from the start of the Fall TVUG season and we would like to share some development related links.

Tools for Every Developer and Every App

Visit www.visualstudio.com to learn more and to download any of the Visual Studio products.

What’s new for developers in Windows 10

Windows 10 and new developer tools provide the tools, features, and experiences powered by the new Universal Windows Platform.  Click here to get started.

Get started with Windows apps
Build Windows apps now. Windows 10 makes it easier than ever to develop apps for the Universal Windows Platform with just one API set and one app package to reach all Windows 10 devices – PCs, tablets, phones, and more.  Get started here.

Microsoft Virtual Academy
A great source of online training, like "Getting Started with Windows 10 for IT Professionals", a course for IT Administrators to learn more about the benefits that Windows 10 can bring to their organizations.

Channel 9

Another great online resource for Windows 10 related videos.

Using Microsoft datacenters as an integral part of your Disaster Recovery Plan: Free, hands-on event

Using Microsoft datacenters as an integral part of your Disaster Recovery Plan: Free, hands-on event

Please join us for a free, interactive event led by Microsoft experts.

  • Do you want to learn about new disaster recovery options from Microsoft experts?
  • Have you been putting off trying new technology due to time pressures or not knowing where to start?
  • Do you think your disaster recovery strategy would benefit from a refresh?
  • Have you considered refreshing your servers in the cloud instead of doing a hardware refresh?
If you answer yes to any of the questions above we may be able to help.
Your Microsoft IT Pro subject matter experts are coming to a city near you over the next couple of months to provide education on disaster recovery. You will see demos and walk through hands-on labs on the elements Microsoft provides to support a disaster recovery strategy. 

The content is delivered in a fun, educational way, and we will even provide a free Azure pass to ensure it’s not costing you to learn with Azure.

Attend the event and you will learn:
  • Replicate virtualized workloads to Microsoft's global data centers
  • Back up data and protect workloads with nearly infinite scalability
  • Implement a hybrid replication using both cloud and on-premises solutions
  • Create a backup without needing to buy more tape
  • Back up your Windows clients (including Windows 10) to remote storage
Looking forward to seeing you at an upcoming event.
Click here to find an event close to you.  For TVUG members, the NYC event on October 8th would be the closest one.

September Meeting : Advanced Debugging techniques

Where: Tyler Technologies, Latham, NY 
When: Tuesday, September 8th, 2015, 6:30pm

Bugs. Ugh. Who likes 'em? NOBODY. But they are a fact of life. Everyone makes mistakes. Tracking them down is part of our lives as developers. This session will fill your tool kit with methods, ideas and techniques for finding and crushing bugs. This presentation is (mostly) not .Net and Visual Studio specific and would be a great fit for developers who work in any language.

Please register for this event on the TVUG Meetup Site, so that we can have an accurate count for seating and refreshments.

Bio: Michael Phipps
Coming from a long line of litigious sheep herders, Michael is a well known presence in the local developer community.  Michael is a professional skee baller and has traveled to both Austin and Wilmington to compete in tournament play under the name “Space Wolf”.  During the late 1990’s, Michael owned and managed a Laser Guided Scissor Kiosk in Mohawk Mall.  Michael is currently working on a mobile app, Fotomat Map Maker, an app that will display the locations of long removed Fotomats from shopping center parking lots.  Inexplicably, Michael decided to roll the dice to see what happens when he fails to submit bio for his presentation.

TVUG is on summer break

Due to circumstances beyond our control, TVUG will not be meeting in June.  We plan on starting back up in September.  Stay tuned...

Webcast: Windows 10 Developer Readiness – Powered by MVPs

Microsoft is excited to offer a series of live webcasts that deliver first-hand guidance on how you can leverage the new Windows 10 development model. The webcasts will be presented and moderated by Microsoft MVPs around the world at no charge and are a great opportunity for you to not only learn the foundations of Universal App Development in Windows 10, but also to connect with some of the top experts in your country and/or language. Bring your Windows Store app development questions and have them answered live, by the experts, and learn how to take advantage of the great opportunities ahead in the Universal Windows Platform. 

Each webcast will deliver the same content in different countries from June 8 - 12.

They will last from one to three hours, depending on the amount of community interaction. 

Microsoft is empowering the MVPs with technical content and private training so every session will be fully equipped with content, demos, and up-to-date guidance. 

We hope you join and connect with us for this great worldwide initiative!  For details and registration, please visit the Windows 10 Dev Readiness page.  For the US market, Oren Novotny and Ginny Caughey will doing the webcast on Wednesday June 10th at 12PM Eastern Time (UTC-05:00).  You can register for that webcast by clicking here.

May Meeting: Mobile app push notifications using Azure

Where: Tyler Technologies, Latham, NY 
When: Tuesday, May 12th, 2015, 6:30pm

With this session, we are going to dive into sending native push notification messages to Android and iOS with Azure Notification Hubs.  Azure provides a cheap and scalable mechanism for sending push messages to registered clients.  We'll look at the push notification lifecycle for Apple Push Notification service (APNs) and Google Cloud Messaging (GCM). 
Instead of writing code to talk to each platform's notification service, we can use the Azure Notification Hubs to provide a single API and make your code simpler to follow. We will also show how to use message templates to send a single message to multiple devices.

Please register on Meetup for this session so that we can have an accurate count for refreshments
Presenter: Chris Miller
imageWhen Microsoft MVP fashion model Chris Miller, a 14-year-old girl, isn’t accessorizing the latest fashions in logoed blue jackets/shirts/bags/scarves/merkins, you can usually find him working on personal projects on company time at Tyler Technologies, where he claims to be a Senior R&D Engineer.  Researchers have have found little to no evidence of the latter.  Chris specializes in turtlenecks, getting to work on time, missing Build conferences due to poor life choices, and knitting.  Look for Chris’ latest book, “Charles in Charge (of Murder)”, an in-depth look of what happened to the original family who vanished after the first season of Charles in Charge, likely at the hand of Scott Baio, according to this tell-all expose.  As usual, Chris couldn’t be bothered to write his own bio.  FC.

No meetings in April

TVUG is on Spring Break in April.  Our next meeting will be in May and will cover doing push notification messages using Xamarin and Azure.

Register now for the 2015 Microsoft Virtual Conference May 14/15

What is MVP V-Conf?
The MVP Virtual Conference (MVP V-Conf) is a new, virtual, 2-day event that showcases how the best and brightest independent technology experts are using Microsoft technologies today. Tune in and see what the community of power users are saying about the mobile-first, cloud-first world of possibility with Microsoft re-imagined.
These sessions will be presented by Americas’ Region Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs), who are exceptional community leaders who are passionate about sharing their real-world knowledge of Microsoft products with their IT Pro, developer and consumer communities around the world.
The theme of this first conference is “The Power of Community” where we will showcase how the community can help one another learn, thrive and grow, and demonstrate how Microsoft’s MVPs shape these technical communities. 
The MVP V-Conf Keynote address will be delivered by Steven Guggenheimer, Corporate Vice President of the Developer eXperience (DX) group at Microsoft Corp.

MVP V-Conf will be a live event broadcast on May 14th and May 15th, 2015. Sign up for sessions in English, Spanish or Portuguese tracks that span IT Professional, Developer and Consumer topics.
  • IT Pro Track
  • Developer Track
  • Consumer Track
  • LATAM Track (Spanish)
  • Brazil Track (Portuguese)
Why MVP V-Conf?
Come learn from the best and brightest in the tech world today. All of the sessions will all be delivered by the Americas’ Region Microsoft MVPs. These MVPs are experts who present at premiere conferences, independent community events and local user groups all over the globe.
This is a technical conference focused on helping attendees to learn and develop skills for everything from everyday technical work to wackier weekend projects.  Whether it is on the IT Pro, Dev or Consumer side of things, you can bet that the content of MVP V-Conf will be cutting edge, exciting and relevant.

General MVP V-Conf Information
The sessions will be broadcasted live via EventBuilder. Each session will be a 50 minute presentation and have real-time Q&A via live chat.
Click the “Agenda” link to get an overview of the sessions, the “Sessions” link to read detailed descriptions, or the “Speakers” page to view presenters and moderators. The information about IT Professional (IT Pro) Track sessions is highlighted in blue, Developer (Dev) Track sessions in red, Consumer Tracksessions in orange, LATAM Track webcasts in Spanish in green, and the Brazilian Track webcasts in Portuguese in yellow.

Event Registration
To attend the event webcast(s) it's necessary to register in advance of the virtual event. You can click here.